Piktogram for restavfall. En hvit sekk på sort bakgrunn.What is residual waste?

Residual waste is waste that cannot be recycled. It is collected in regular bags and placed in the bin with a dark gray lid.

Examples of residual waste include diapers, sanitary products, vacuum cleaner bags, styrofoam, ceramics, broken pottery, broken glass, and contaminated packaging that is difficult to clean or packaging made of multiple materials.

Reduced collection of residual waste

If you have little residual waste, you can order a mini subscription and receive a reduction in the waste collection fee. Your residual waste bin will then have a yellow lid and will be collected every 6 weeks instead of every 3 weeks.

Contact us at kundesenter@agderrenovasjon.no to order this

Larger bin for residual waste

If you need a larger bin for residual waste, contact us at kundesenter@agderrenovasjon.no to order a larger bin. This will result in an increase in the waste collection fee.
See the price list here.

What happens to the residual waste?

Residual waste (waste that cannot be recycled into new products) is transported to the Returkraft incineration plant in Kristiansand. There, the waste is incinerated, and the energy from the waste is used for electricity and district heating.