Piktogram for plastemballasje. Hvit flaske på rosa bakgrunn.Plastic packaging sorting

Clean plastic packaging should be placed loosely in the designated plastic bag, not wrapped in shopping bags, and hung on the plastic hook for collection the night before pickup.

Plastic container option

If you prefer a bin for plastic packaging, it’s available for free at the waste facility in Heftingsdalen or Østerhus. Home delivery is also an option for a one-time fee of NOK 250.

Examples of plastic packaging

Items like plastic film, shopping bags, containers (sour cream, yogurt), soup bags, and plastic bottles (dish soap, ketchup, shampoo bottles, etc.) should be rinsed in cold water if dirty before disposal. If it’s not possible to clean properly, throw the plastic packaging in the bin for residual waste.

Non-recyclable plastics

Non-packaging plastics such as toys, buckets, disposable cutlery, styrofoam, wood sacks, strapping bands, and other hard plastics should be discarded as general waste. Empty plastic packaging that contained oil or other hazardous waste should be treated as hazardous waste.

 Bags for plastic packaging

Bags for plastic packaging are distributed once a year. If you need more bags, tie a bag to a bin that is to be emptied and you will get a new roll from the waste collector. You can also order bags via email or in the “Min Renovasjon” app.

Recycling process

The plastic packaging is compressed in Heftingsdalen and then sent for recycling. Grønt Punkt Norge AS handles the recycling, ensuring 80% of sorted plastic is repurposed into new products like bags, utensils, cups, fleece items, etc. Non-recyclable plastic is incinerated for energy recovery.