Piktogram for pappemballasje. Hvit pappkartong på blå bakgrunn.Recycling instructions

Paper, cardboard, and drink cartons should be folded and placed in the bin with a blue lid. Remember to rinse the drink cartons in cold water before disposal.

Acceptable items

Newspapers, advertisements, magazines, letters, envelopes, cardboard boxes, pizza boxes, juice cartons, milk cartons.

Additional services

If you need a larger bin for paper/cardboard, contact us at kundesenter@agderrenovasjon.no.

Processing details

The paper waste is compressed into large bales in Heftingsdalen before being sent on. The paper is sorted into several fractions; cardboard, drink cartons, and magazines/newspapers. Grønt Punkt Norge AS is responsible for the recycling of the drink cartons. Cardboard and magazines/newspapers are recycled at various locations through brokers.

Lottery participation

Participate in the carton lottery by writing your name and phone number on each drink carton. This enters you into a draw for 100,000 kr.

Returkartonglotteriet – Grønt Punkt Norge (grontpunkt.no)