Piktogram for glassemballasje. En hvit flaske på grønn bakgrunn. Sorting glass and metal packaging

Glass and metal packaging should be placed together in a separate bin with a green lid. Do not put these items in carrier bags before throwing them in the bin. Remember, only glass and metal packaging that contained food or drink should be placed in the container.

New type of glass/metal bins

Some housing cooperatives and cabin areas have received new glass/metal bins. These have a small black lid on top that can be opened. Some have had trouble opening this lid. Press in the middle of the lid and lift up. These bins are designed to prevent incorrect sorting; we do not want pots, pans, and other metal scrap in these bins, only packaging that contained food or drink.

Examples of glass and metal packaging

Jam jars and jam jar lids (unscrewed), canned goods, aluminium foil, glass bottles without deposit, cod liver oil bottles, and similar items.

Do not dispose in the bin

Broken drinking glasses, heat-resistant glass, crystal, window glass, porcelain, ceramics, potato chip bags, and metal objects such as door handles, tools, nails, pots, frying pans, metal figures, bread boxes, cutlery, etc.

Light Bulbs Light bulbs should be placed with hazardous waste/electrical waste in a regular carrier bag and hung on the plastic hook.

What happens next with the glass and metal packaging?

The glass and metal packaging is collected in containers in Heftingsdalen before being sent to the recycling plant in Onsøy in Fredrikstad. Clear and colored glass are separated, and the metal packaging is sorted from the glass in a sorting machine. Syklus is responsible for the recycling of this material. The metal becomes new metal packaging, and the glass becomes new glass packaging, glass products, glava insulation, glass concrete, etc.